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Privacy Policies

General information

This Lavoie et Pleau inc. doing business under the name Pleau records the statement it has put in place to protect the personal information of users of the website (the “Website”). The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform any user of the Website (“the User”) of the nature of personal information that may be collected, used and communicated to third parties in certain specific cases.

Browsing the Website as well as the simple activation of one or the other of the hyperlinks constitutes acceptance of this Confidentiality Policy and allows you to presume that you are aware of the scope thereof. .

Lavoie and Pleau inc. reserves the right to revise the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Use of the Website after the posting of a modified version of the Privacy Policy will constitute acceptance of the modifications made to it. You are therefore invited to consult this Privacy Policy on a periodic basis.

Unless otherwise provided specifically in this Privacy Policy, the other terms provided for in the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website continue to govern the rights and obligations of the User and of Lavoie et Pleau inc ..

What is personal information?

The term personal information generally refers to all information about an identifiable individual. The personal information that Lavoie et Pleau inc. may collect, use and communicate through its Website may include name, age, gender, mailing address, telephone number, email address and financial information relating to online shopping.

Does the User have the opportunity to give their consent?

In general, Lavoie and Pleau inc. explicitly requests the consent of the User before collecting personal information about a User. It is possible for the User to withdraw this consent subject to the restrictions imposed by law by giving reasonable notice in writing to the person responsible for the protection of personal information for Lavoie et Pleau inc. by contacting the contact details mentioned below.

How is personal information relating to a User collected?

In general, the Website is not used as a tool for collecting personal information but rather aims to communicate information about the business of Lavoie et Pleau inc., To broadcast certain advertisements, to promote the advertised products and offered for sale and to facilitate the conclusion of online transactions or purchases. However, when Lavoie and Pleau inc. collects personal information for these purposes, this is done by honest and lawful means. In this regard, Lavoie et Pleau inc. does not solicit personal information from children or minors under the age of thirteen (13) and refuses to enter into contracts with such persons.

Lavoie and Pleau inc. may collect personal information from the User to the extent that they consent in advance or if rather the law allows such information to be collected without obtaining prior consent in a particular form.

Under what circumstances is the User’s personal information collected?

From time to time, it is possible that Lavoie et Pleau inc. asks the User or the User to provide personal information of their own accord to Lavoie et Pleau inc. through the Website. Personal information concerning a User may be collected in the following contexts, namely:

* To allow a purchase of product (s) or an online transaction to be completed;
* To allow the opening of an account in the name of the User;
* To answer general questions;
* By means of cookies which facilitate navigation on the Website. Lavoie and Pleau inc. uses an element of your browser called a “cookie” to recognize the IP address of your computer and to count the number of visitors and to compile statistics of visits to the Website. A “cookie” is a small data file that is written to the computer’s hard drive when a User accesses a website.

To whom is personal information collected through the Website provided or communicated?

In general, Lavoie and Pleau inc. uses personal information collected from Users for internal purposes only. However, it is possible that Lavoie et Pleau inc. can communicate the personal information collected from the User to the following persons, namely:

a) To a financial or credit institution in connection with the purchase of products offered for sale by Lavoie et Pleau inc. involving the payment of sums of money online using a credit card;

b) To service providers with whom Lavoie et Pleau inc. has entered into a contractual agreement that offers comparable levels of protection of personal information and that uses this personal information as part and for the purposes of services that Lavoie et Pleau inc. returns to Users or to meet administrative requirements such as printing and faxing, archiving or document management;

c) To third parties when required by law.

What are the measures taken by Lavoie and Pleau inc. in order to ensure the protection of the personal information of Users?

Lavoie and Pleau inc. takes appropriate measures to protect, according to available means, the personal information of Users against unauthorized access, use or reproduction. These safeguards may include the use of a secure transaction program and physical protection to restrict access to the offices and files of Lavoie and Pleau inc. that may contain personal information collected, used and communicated through its Website.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Lavoie et Pleau inc. has certain mechanisms or characteristics that make it possible to protect, to a greater degree, personal information relating to Users, including in particular:

Online order forms are protected and can only be accessed from a secure area of ​​the Website;
The data exchanged during an online transaction is encrypted so that, subsequently, only authorized persons can decode it;
Access to the catalog of products offered for sale on the Website is controlled by a firewall;
Orders sent by a User are hosted on a secure server;
Payments made through the Website are verified by the Moneris ™ external payment server transaction environment.

What precautions should I take during an online transaction to protect my personal information?

When you have to transmit confidential information, you can be sure that you are in a safe environment when you see the security seal (closed padlock) in the upper window of your Internet browser. You can click on the padlock for information on the security seal.
Also, after completing a transaction through the Website, or when, during a session, you need to momentarily leave your computer and leave it unattended, it is important that you log off. To safely close your session, you must click ”Cancel“, clear your Internet browser cache and then close your Internet browser.

How Lavoie and Pleau inc. ensure that the personal information collected remains accurate?

Lavoie and Pleau inc. takes all reasonably available means to ensure that the personal information it collects remains accurate, complete and up-to-date and relies on the User’s cooperation so that they notify Lavoie and Pleau inc. when changes occur. Lavoie and Pleau inc. In particular, allows any User to modify the personal information registered concerning him, and this, on an ongoing basis, by means of secure access.

How to communicate with Lavoie et Pleau inc. to access personal information and file a complaint if necessary?

Any User who has communicated personal information to Lavoie et Pleau inc. through the Website is entitled to consult, rectify or update personal information concerning him by submitting a written request to the person in charge of the protection of personal information mentioned in the preamble of this statement. In the event that a request is sent to Lavoie et Pleau inc., The latter will follow up promptly. In addition, Lavoie and Pleau inc. will then see to indicate to the User what personal information has been collected concerning him and will see to provide access to this information by sending him a e copy, if applicable. In the event that Lavoie et Pleau inc. cannot provide access to certain personal information collected, Lavoie et Pleau inc. will then communicate to the User the reasons explaining such an impediment as well as the remedies available to him in such a case.

What are the fees associated with a request for access to personal information?

Access to personal information that appears in the User’s file is free. However, reasonable fees may be charged to the User to offset the costs of transcription, reproduction or transmission of such personal information. In such a case, the User will be notified of the amount that may be billed to him in advance.

Retention and destruction of personal information.

It is possible that Lavoie et Pleau inc. keeps a file relating to a User containing personal information collected through the Website. Lavoie and Pleau inc. uses, communicates or retains this personal information for as long as it may be necessary. Lavoie and Pleau inc. will see to establishing retention periods and procedures relating to the retention and secure destruction of personal information, all with a view to maintaining the confidentiality of such information.

How to communicate with Lavoie et Pleau inc. or file a complaint if necessary?

The files that may contain personal information relating to a User are usually kept at the head office of Lavoie et Pleau inc. For any complaint or other question concerning the personal information of the User or the application and interpretation of this statement, you can contact the person in charge of the protection of personal information at Lavoie et Pleau inc. at the following email address or telephone number:

A / S: Person responsible for personal information

Lavoie and Pleau inc.

106-186 Sutton Pl,
QC H9W 5S3

Phone: (514) 694-1032
Fax: (514) 630-1687


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